DBeeKeeper is a product of DemonServer Ltd, a customer focused software company based in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Originally formed as a software consultancy, Demonserver Ltd is now engaged in DBeeKeeper - in turn helping our users to improve their backup process.

An extensive roadmap is planned internally, which will be added to the documention towards the end of the Beta - based on feedback. It is very exciting to introduce new features as they are completed and our automated updater will mean you always remain up to date. As ever, please get in touch with feature requests or product feedback.

Why bees?!

Simply put - we like them. Bees play a very important role and whilst we are not beekeepers (they don't like being uploaded to the cloud), we would like to help people who are. Whilst DBeeKeeper is currently free, we pledge to reserve 10% of annual profit to be spent on beekeeping equipment (hives, clothing & equipment) and ship this to beekeepers who request new equipment.

If you are a beekeeper (home / hobby) and could do with new shiny gear, you are welcome to drop us a message - when the time comes we will get in touch.

If you are a client, it must be nice to think you could be helping just by using our software.

Thank you for reading a little bit about us - please give us a try and see how we can help.