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Agent Introduction

Agents perform all tasks required to manage your database backups efficiently.

To make management as easy as possible 'none breaking changes' updates are applied automatically as they become available, without system or agent service restarts.

Agents are services that carry out instructions sent to them as a result of a schedule or from user interactions in the dashboard.

All management tasks to control the agent's behaviour (schedules / perform actions) are performed through the centralised web dashboard.


Backing up your data is easy with DBeeKeeper - all you need is an agent.

Add an agent from your dashboard.

When installing a new agent you need to ensure:

  1. Database instance access (please be aware of hardware/software firewalls your organisation may have)
  2. SQL Server only - access to a temporary backup path (this is chosen in the setup wizard). SQL Server writes the backup to a location which the agent must also have access to in order to complete the backup process.

The natural choice for installation is the database server, but as long as these two requirements are met any other system can be used.

Backup path (SQL Server only)

If the agent is being installation on the database server, local paths can be used for the backup path. For example:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL14.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\Backup\DBeeKeeper

If the installation is on a different server, the path must be accessible by the database server and the machine you are installing the agent on. For example, the share 'BackupShare' could be created on DB-01 and used by both machines:


Or if you have a fileserver (called FS-01 in our example)